Olivia Peforms in NYC..


Me and my homegirl Dee had an exclusive invite to attend Olivia’s party Friday night in New York at Strata Nightclub. Olivia looked stunning and was in great spirits the whole night. She sort of remembered me from my Funkmaster Flex days, and didn’t seem to fond of the The Funkster (Flex is a LEGEND, RESPECT IT!). She performed her new demo single “Rhythm Of My Heart“, which had the crowd hyped and ended it with a special ‘Happy Birthday’ tribute to one of her friends. She ended her performance by shouting out Young Buck & Loyd Banks; stating they are “still her niggas”.. Olivia has been working hard in the studio and is doing something big over in Congo! Her manager shared this with Oliviafans.net 

“This Project is in Lubumbashi Congo, Africa which is in Katanga Province of Central Africa and is being named the Katanga Olivia Studio. This is a state of the art modern entertainment complex being constructed in 3 phases. Total cost is 22 million dollars. Phase 1 is the completion of the Recording Studio which houses the dance studio, radio station, lounge and office. Phase 2 is the 8 or 10 shops that will bridge the way between the studio and theater. Phase 3 is the 2500 to 3000 seat capacity theater for concerts/shows/cultural events etc. The land and building will be co-owned by the government/Olivia and Divo sprl (Congolese Company).” respect is due to her, she was in a GREAT situation with Gunit, it turned to a nightmare, to a dream come true for her. Not many artist get a second chance, and she certainly has that. In the midst of creating this enterainment complex, she is busy writing and producing.


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