Reality Check In..Dylan Edition


I got a chance to kick it on Saturday at B. Smith Restaurant with former ‘Making The Band’ artist Dylan Dilinjah. Since the show; Dylan has been heavily in the studio, working on his debut album. Guest features to include Sizzla & Beenie man to name a few. Dylan, has defiantly grown since the show. the loud, abrasive person he was portrayed to be was surely not there. Single father, residing in Long Island. Dylan continues to perform & DJ in the “garrison’s” (The Hood) of Brooklyn. He continues to have a great outlook on life and on his music career. Don’t get it twisted, he still has that rudeboy fiyah in him, he sassed the hell out of me, for not approving him on myspace! Since the show ended and “the group” eventually broke up (My real thought: When Diddy decided he couldn’t juice anymore money out these musicians), he hasn’t really kept in contact with the former members, speaking to them once every few months. Expect to hear more new music from him soon.

Randomness: Nic from cycle 5 of America’s Next Top Model, walked into the restuarant, straight towards our table, and stood there for 5 seconds stared and walked out. No


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