The Introduction: Drake


 This weekend I got a chance to meet up with Aubrey Graham/Jimmy Brooks Drake who was in town for his 22nd birthday. If you aren’t to familiar with Drake, I suggest you get up to speed.  Drake has been on the Hit TV show “Degrassi” for about 8 years now, and with his music career on the rise, he is separating himself from that particular show.  We also talked about his pilot TV show he shot called “Us & Them“, it is based around him and his best friend who where trying to break into the acting business. We touched on the “Replacement Girl” single and how that callabo came about with Trey Songz. I met him threw someone who was working with me at the time, I wrote the hook with Trey Songz in mind, I met him at his crib in ATL, he heard the record, went downstairs and recorded it. I have to say we have I one of the strongest friendships {Industry Wise}.” {Trey Songz happen to text/email as he was explainging} Hip-hop and Music lovers everywhere… YOU’RE WELCOME!

Drake Q & A Interview


2 Responses to “The Introduction: Drake”

  1. jaey said

    i love drake…good update

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