Reality Check In….. Rabbit Edition


I’m flipping the channels, and I come across a “new” reality show from VH1 (also known as recycle  TV central) called ‘Real Chance of Love’ I continue to watch, I look closely, I see a familiar face I know. Jessica aka Rabbit, is an upcoming Model/actress/Socialite and go getter just to name a few. I was totally shocked she would even do a show like this, she is a very quiet, respectable woman who is about her business. Of course, I called Jess up to give me some insight on the show, and to see if it’s even worth watching. Jess filled me on how, she got an email for the casting, they didn’t give detail on who the show was for. Jess went to the onscreen interview, went threw the whole Psych interview and was picked to move into the house. When I asked about her expectations, she went on to say “I wasn’t expecting anything, it’s three weeks, I was looking to find fun. Everything was a secret, it was very emotional, like a roller coaster, just so abnormal” …She mentioned there was no TV, no cell phones, no anything. I mean of course not, since VH1 wants you to interact with each other at ALL TIMES. This is where the cat fights and drama stems from, no personal space. Jess said the show will be crazy! With everything she mentioned, I still don’t by into the show. With the exceptation of Jess, it’s just buffoonery at it’s finest.
Rabbit’s Thoughts on:
So Hood: GHETTO, just really out there, name fits her. I don’t think she is naturally like that.
MILF:  Whats up with that? She is just old and dusty playmate.
Check Jessica “Rabbit” in the new ‘Pop Champagne’ video for Ron Browz.

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