Harlem Nights x Max B x Chinese Chicken


What happens when you have a late night in Harlem, add in some random chinese spot, the hood stoop and my harlem brother The Silver Surfer? A funny night..Max & I “attempt” to talk what’s “Wavy & UnWavy” from woman, clothes, and etc….



Jadakiss Ft. Max B – When I Grow Up

3 Responses to “Harlem Nights x Max B x Chinese Chicken”

  1. RobNBanks said

    That dude is too funny! lol. I don’t know if it’s just me I know you’ve been around for awhile Karen, to me it just seems like you are very shy in this video. I mean I don’t know you personally thats just my opinion. Anyway keep it up I’m loving everything you’re doing now.

  2. LOL said

    Max B is the next king of hooks!

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