Jha Jha…Get it’ Girl Ent.



So, I chatted it up with my indsutry bff Jha Jha..She decided to let me turn our phone convo into a Q&A.


What’s up Chica, let everyone know how have you been since your detachment from the dips?

Better than ever, blessed, SAFE, umm did I say Safe!?! Not dead ass broke. I’m Good!



What are you working on?

Right now, I have my own company “Get it Girl Ent.” & “The Anti-Robot Society.”  Get is Girl is owned by me, and Anti-Robot is partnered up with my producer MoonShine. We about to be a new movement. Get It Girl is basically woman empowerment, uplifting females. Anti Robot is where everybody is welcomed, its open for people who go against the norm. If you not afraid to go left and push the envelope, this is the label for you…I’m Releasing two singles “Telepathic” coming out on Anti-Robot label, and “Yeah Baby” on Get it Girl Ent. We just trying to do something big out here Karen.


What’s your take on how everything is unfolding with Cam’ron & Jim and the rest of the members?

I don’t have no take, really, it don’t make me no money. I mean this is business, money is money, and friendship is friendships. I’m a business woman, I will say never with never to anything..but everybody got to have their business straight, I’m not friends with anybody.


Most people don’t know you were recruited to join the female super group with Remy Martin, Jackie O and Shawnna, do you every regret turning that down?

Nah, I just didn’t think at the time it made a lot of sense for me to be apart of it, and I really didn’t no one what was going on..I never had a solo project out, and these ladies had projects out. I wish all them the best, they real cool woman. Shout to remy ma


What can we expect from Jha Jha in 09?

You can expect the movement to happen, my two singles to come out, You gonna see an evolution!

        Good looking to all the fans that support me. Rest in peace Stack Bundles


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