Max B: MTV Mixtape Monday


maxIf you’ve been paying attention, you know all three of these guys. Dame Grease has made some legendary tracks for a slew of guys, including DMX and the Ruff Ryders, and some recent bangers, like DJ Drama and company’s “Taking Pictures.” The Mixtape Monday chain gang has known Frenchie since he was going by Young French (thanks for the introduction to Papoose all those years ago). He’s had a recurring role in these parts with his “Cocaine City” DVD series. No telling what gems you’ll find there, like Beyoncé mimicking Jay-Z. And Max B? His intoxicated, melodic flow (singing or rapping) has a lot of the fans and media types saying he has the talent to be a star.


 “That would have to be on Jim,” Yayo said of a possible buyout. “I would love for the opportunity [to sign Max]. I would love to be a businessman just like Fif. I learned so much. So learning the business from Fif, me and Jim can come to the table. If he wanted to let him go, I would want to work something out.”  – Tony Yayo

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