iPod Shuffle … Pt1


I get emails from people who actually want to know what music gets play in my iPod. I’m gonna break down a few recent rappers that has been on heavy rotation in my iPod…


B.O.B – Do I really need to go into an explanation for him. This ATL native gives fans hope that great music is still alive from new comers. He was the only one I was checking for on the XXL freshman cover.


Max B – Max is on his way to becoming the East Coast Nate Dog/ New Big L..His rap style is something like no other..


Plies – Yeah I said it! Plies makes music for two types of people. 1. the woman who want street/provider/romantic type of man. 2. Country boys in the trap. He sold more than Nas, LL, and a whole list of other rappers in 08! swallow that truth pill and let plies live. He has a formula that works. Drug references, Music for woman, family Struggle.


Shwayze – Like the hiphop/ alternative version of Sublime.


Drake – Ransom. the End. ONLY Actor who can ACTUALLY have a great rap career.


 Honorable Mention:  Mack Maine, Re-Up Gang, Saigon, Lil boosie

Post edited not to hurt the feelings of…


6 Responses to “iPod Shuffle … Pt1”

  1. […] Maine Blogs Honorable Mention ( One or two songs): Mack Maine, Nikki Minaj, Lil boosie. Who needs to literally have their vocal cords ripped out: Cool Kids, Asther Roth, Kid Cudi, Mickey factz, The Knux, V.I.C, Tyga, I could go on..sad to say… … […]

  2. BlackBeard said

    WoW…outside of B.O.B. and Drake I strongly disagree LoL. Max B has no future and I refuse to comment on that which is Plies or VIC SMH. Tyga should be duffed out, period. I know for a fact that at least two of the artist(Factz and Cudi) are waaay more talented and got more of a future than Max B though hahaha

  3. kcivil said

    Given the proper label situation and coaching I think max will do great. It’s my ipod so ughhh yeah. Factz & Cudi are garbage, they are the rap version of ‘Revenge of The Nerds’

  4. Naja B. said

    I agree with everything except Kid Cudi– I like that kid! Max def has the potential to be larger! I have middle aged co-workers asking me about him and his war with that dude lol.

    Too bad Stack isn’t here anymore, he would be at the top of that list for sure. RIP 😦

  5. La Perezident said

    I agree with Max B the only real situation for him right now is G-Unit. Any other label will shelf him. I give him props for being down with Amalgam because it’s a digital label. But other than that there is no real viral marketing being done. If anything the only reason people know him is because he has created his own buzz. And has created his fans from the ground up.

    Drake is great! So fucking talented I’ve be down with him since the Degrassi days and was stunned when I found he rapped, so well. I’m not down with B.O.B or Plies. Great Shuffle!

  6. La Perezident said

    Co-Signs on Stack B 😦 R.I.P…It’s crazy how Lupe and Stack were in the same situation, but Lupe was the one who bubbled. I guess sometimes you have to be patient in certain situations. R.I.P Stack Bundles!

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