Rhymefest: FAIL


With all the fuckary Rhymefest is “trying” to cause, he has given me a brilliant idea. I decided to create a section to rappers like him who  are just pathetic in every aspect of their career. Don’t take this as me jumping on the Charles Hamilton bandwagon, but I’ve seen fest do this before in my Dipset days and this ninja just really annoys the hell out of me.

 He did a interview with Hip Hop Connection and said he respected Dizzee Rascal and The Streets but we’re fakes that got signed to Roc-a-fella claiming we were doing it big when we wasn’t doing shit. He just popped out with it out of nowhere, unprovoked and we had never met. The dude Mark Ronson even gave us a Slick Rick beat to re do when we was at Roc-a-fella and we were always very respectful with him being he was British.” Mayhem from SAS


Rhymefest has a habit of giving praise but than using media outlets to get his jealous/envious hatred point across.  I have a few theories, really not theories but reasons why Rhyme is so bitter. I would be easy on him, being that it looks like he has down syndrome, but even they aren’t this retarded!


1.       You’re going to be collecting social security checks soon.

2.       Your Mark Ronson & Kanye West tax right off.

3.       You need exposure for the mixtape no one cares about

4.       Your upset Julito (Namond from the wire) had more fans than you that night








3 Responses to “Rhymefest: FAIL”

  1. gdup said

    Blaaaaaaaka blaaaaaaaaaaka! Rhymebreast lost

  2. Dapz said

    fuck charles hamster and yall dumb ass arrogant young muthafuckas yall have no code morals nor repect for anything

  3. anthony said

    &quite interested on who else will be on this.

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