Remembering Big L



Big L was/is a Harlem rapper who had the likes of Jay Z & Nas coming to Harlem to battle him. L’s life was cut short 10 years ago today.  He described his lyrical growth, “I started writing rhymes in 1990 and was in a group called Three The Hard Way, but they wasn’t serious so I went solo. Then I started winning rap contests and battling everybody in my ‘hood and roastin’ em.” To celebrate one of the greatest rappers alive some of Harlem’s upcomers took a moment to speak on Big L’s legacy. Make sure you also check out. OnSMASH Presents: A Big L Tribute.
 L was really one of the dudes that put Harlem on the map lyrically in the 90s. Harlem always had a presence but once L started getting his shine people started look in at uptown a little differently. He inspired a lot of us uptown-Esso

“He’s one of the best and not just from of the best period” – Jae Millz


Big L is hip-hop’s Aquaman. Respected by the bosses, not very well-known to the masses, but indeed a powerful artist in his own right. Unfortunately he became a casualty of hood (specifically Harlem) politics. Wack, but it is what it is… One of the best to ever pick up a pen, and one of my influences…” Charles Hamilton


 “You had to respect L and what he represtened, he was for harlem all day. He inspired all of us outta harlem, he had that wave.” Max B

“I still remember the first time I heard the record Ebonics by Big L. Before that, I’ve heard a few of his songs and some freestyles here and there but once I listened to that track I became an instant fan. At the time, it just seemed so ahead of it’s time and it really caught my ear. I realized then his time was near and that one day he would be considered one of the greats. Tragically he never got to reach his full potential but I was right. He is a legend now.” –  Donny Goines

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  2. Jay said

    good article

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