Cam’ron – Cookin’ Up..


Cam’ron is back off his 2 year hiatus, and has been flooding the media. His new album “Crime Pays” slated for release on May 5th 2009, features guest appearances by no one and will drop on Asylum/Diplomatic Man Records. You can also check him out on the new issue of XXL talking about where he’s been, dipset and his outlook on the future. This whole Dipset issue is a little touchy for me for obvious reasons. A lot of the “reasons” don’t add up, but if you didn’t see the business come together and watch it crumble apart, any reason “they” give you I guess would be suffice. I just want to know, where Cam stands with JR, Hell Rell, Freekey Zekey…or better yet what’s the outcome on the phone call him and Jim had the other day..whoops! it slipped. Shouts to London A, Levita & Chris Luck….


Updated: Cam address phone call with Jim jones

3 Responses to “Cam’ron – Cookin’ Up..”

  1. La Perezident said

    His album got pushed back?smh! This is how they start.

  2. D said

    it got pushed back a week hardly a disaster

  3. Dipset with no cam is like thanksgiving with no turkey….

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