Jabari & Young Chris Live Studio Session


This past weekend Jabari had an in studio session with Young Chris & Charles Hamilton. Charles had a show last minute and couldn’t make it, but it still turned out to be an incredible night. I make fun of Jabari all the time, cause he is so obvious with his “favorites”, and Chris is one of them. I’m kind of on the fence with Chris, I love his work ethic, he grinds like it’s no ones business, but something just doesn’t draw me in all the way to his music. State property was my favorite group a few years back. Then slowly like all groups they started to fall apart and things change i.e lyrics, grind, and etc… Chris is still doing his thing, I commend him, only the strong survive. He’s doing just that. This record is crazy, both individuals have been through so much and this record clearly shows you that. Good combination…


Shouts out: My brother Shiggity who was in the building!


One Response to “Jabari & Young Chris Live Studio Session”

  1. Eb said

    Love your blog!

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