Lil Kim: FAIL


What happen? I’m so confused by Kimberly Jones, its to the point its heart wrenching. She will always be one of the greatest female MC’S. The portrayal of her by Violetta Wallace & CO left a bad taste in my mouth, “Notorious” felt to one sided, I wish they would have shown more accurate details in the personal relationship of Kim & Big, they damn sure portrayed her as nothing more than a “slut” to fast forward to her now? ::scratching head:: I couldn’t even finish watching this.  Her makeup (shades lighter than her complexion), and speaking mannerisms, who is she trying to fool? Hiphop is no longer the same…


One Response to “Lil Kim: FAIL”

  1. Rae of Stuff Fly People Like said

    *sighs* No Bueno

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