Lil Wayne Sues Mixtape DJ’s


Well I didn’t see this coming. NEW YORK, NY., April 2, 2009 — Lil Wayne & Cash Money Records Sues Mixtape DJ’s Makin Moves & DJ Drama, Makin Moves Entertainment released US Federal Court Papers stating their being sued aswell as DJ Drama by Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records. Makin Moves.  Outcome? As long as it’s not my buddy Empire, can’t get enough of his tapes!



7 Responses to “Lil Wayne Sues Mixtape DJ’s”

  1. […] I have my own 2 cents on this entire issue, but if you read below, I’ve taken what Gotty over @ The Smoking Section had to say about this.  I’m personally done with this shit.  Wayne is over.  This fuck is out of punchlines, thinks he can sing, and keeps rappin’ about human feces.  Remember when Dwayne said “Fuck mixtape DJ’s!” only to later do a track on Dedication 3, which was done with DJ Drama, taking back his previous statements. I spent the majority of the day yesterday double & triple-checking stories to substantiate before posting about them. Since today is April 2nd, I’ll take it that this is true. Alledgely, Baby’s boy & CMR have decided to file suit against mixtape DJ’s. […]

  2. famz said

    who the fuk gave this whiteboy a pass to say nigga?

    and he can eat a dick for disrespectin Pimp C(rip)

  3. matt said

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  4. thatbitch said

    HOLD UP Lil Wayne has brain damage – first he says F mixtape DJs, then he says TO DJ DRAMA on Shade 45 he only meant that about DJ Empire. was right on saying in the post Lil Wayne Cops a Plea

    “We at Hip Hop Spy say don’t play this ungrateful man kissing rapper anymore. He has bitten the hand that feeds him and he needs to learn the lesson that without the DJ’s who play your music and put your troll face on a million mixtapes you would be forgotten very quickly. Lil Wayne is not the best rapper alive, he was never the best rapper alive and he never will be the best rapper alive.”

  5. Willbo said

    Wow that was actually a dope spit session

  6. Bamaa said

    man personnaly fuck lil wayne he anobody im a real nigga my mixtape drop dis summer and i fuck wit da djs i dont over a record or the radio i fucks wit u dj drama i fucks wit u dj empire i fucks wit all mixtape djs fuck Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. oh u thought i aint kno yo name nigga fuck u bitch. REAL BLXXD 5HIT NI99A 5UWXXP

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