Curren$y – This Ain’t No Mixtape



“If you’ve fucked with any of his mixtapes, then you already know it’s gonna be worth your 8.99. Don’t be an asshole, support independent Hip-Hop.” – Eskay


Listen: Curren$y ft Young Chris – Sail On

Purchase:  Curren$y – This Ain’t No Mixtape


3 Responses to “Curren$y – This Ain’t No Mixtape”

  1. stevearelli said

    I bought the album yesterday, and I can honestly say this is the best release so far this year. Better than Deeper Than Rap & The Last Kiss. Currensy went the fuck in forreal though.

  2. Stoney Mike said

    curren$y should put this on itunes also so more people will know about it and will make it easier to purchase over the net. i been hearing that the download on that digital site been kinda fuckin up.

  3. PPLZ said

    yea mike i heard the same thing about that site thats why ive been tryin to find it on a torrent but the one on minonova is only like 14kb that sounds like a virus to me, certainly not a album. but yea people keep sain they paid for the album on that site and it wouldnt download so im kinda skeptic even if it is only 9 bucks down the drain if it dont work, thats still money and it IS a recession. lemme get the working free version first then ill take the chance on buying something faulty. but i did listen to the whole thing on datpiff and it sounds tite as hell i want to download it now so i can smoke a spliff to it now! -504

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