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In a few weeks, I will begin a one-year prison sentence for being in the possession of illegal firearms.  Where I come from, having a gun is just part of everyday life.  But, through this painful process of going to court and being convicted, I realized that I had to make a change.  I made some bad decisions.  I broke the law and will accept my punishment.  With deep reflection about where my life was headed, I have begun the process of redemption, and decided that before I go to prison, I want to speak to young people about responsibility as a lifestyle.  I hope that through my mistakes, young people can begin to learn, as I did, that we have to put our guns down and start to give our guns back.  It pains me inside to hear about so many of our people dying because of gun violence.  Just in the past weeks, a 13-year old boy was shot in the head in Harlem, a 17 and 19-year old were murdered in a double homicide in Queens and a 15 year old was chased, beaten, shot and burned in Chicago.

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  1. how many times this nicca gon say bye to the public?

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