Ridin with David Banner


Shot over a year ago, David Banner & Filthy South drove from Miami Beach to Opa-Locka and David expressed his views on hiphop and the negative influence…


One Response to “Ridin with David Banner”

  1. Karen,

    You have a great blog! Thank you for this post. I am Founder of Hip Hop Grows Up and we have been trying to contact David Banner. If you can contact him, please let him know that you have found a great way for him to stand up for his beliefs in change…while he and his family remain safe from harm and danger and true to himself. We have the perfect solution and more importantly, WE NEED HIM!

    HHGU is a long-time admirer of his activism, voice, and stance for righteousness, hope, change, and action.

    Karen, if you can help us….please do so, as it is our passion and purpose — to help our children become great and productive global citizens, by many means necessary –for the rest of our days. We have many years of experience in helping and working with youth and adults ages 5 to 65. I, myself, have been English Instructor in South Korea — where I am currently — for 2 years and am using the experiences for research and knowledge to assist our youth, parents/guardians, and educators when I return home soon.

    Please feel free to visit our community: http://www.hiphopgrowsup.ning.com

    Warmest regards,

    Talia Ashley

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