FocKDCused, opinionated, and exceptionally talented, Karen Civil is the living embodiment of Young Black & Fabulous  “What you put your mind to, put your grind to.”  A phrase she both coined, and lives by.  At the age of 25, this young woman is establishing herself as a music marketing mogul.  

 Born in Brooklyn, raised in New Jersey, Karen’s family and surroundings supplied her with rich musical influences ranging from Elvis Presley, to Lauryn Hill Ray Charles to Eminem, but it was evident early that this astute young child, with a thirst for music, was a dyed in the wool hip-hop fan.  As Karen grew, so did her appreciation for hip-hop music along with her desire to voice her opinions.  Opportunity availed itself in the form a contest held by Hot 97 DJ, Angie Martinez, called the Apprentice II. Determination, Guile and Honesty, helped Karen beat out 30 contestants to land a spot in the final three, and though she did not win the contest, she was noticed by another Hot 97 DJ, Funk Master Flex, who took her on to assist with his radio show.


 Recognizing she was blessed, she worked happily and diligently, establishing great business relationships and proactively seizing every opportunity presented to her. Opportunity arose again when Karen met Diplomats’ A&R “DukeDaGod”. Through early mixtapes which were released by Cam’ron, and Juelz Santana, Karen had been long familiar with Dipset, and a fan. When Duke revealed to her that he needed assistance with online branding and growth, Karen quickly displayed her web savvy and built the Diplomats’ website from scratch, and led their online marketing efforts, earning her the title of Dipset Web Mistress and Marketing Director. At 22 Karen was promoted to A & R Administration, where she played vital roles on the production and distribution of many artists’ projects, such as: Jim Jones, Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, Max B, Freaky Zeaky, and many others. She also lent her vocals to selected tracks by Jim Jones, and Cam’ron.  Her vital role at Diplomat Records as A&R Administration earned her the recognition of many, and has garnered her interviews with Vibe Magazine and The Spot Review, for her tremendous achievement and expertise. Karen has also been honored with a Nomination for 2007 Justo’s Mixtape Award, for Graphic Designer of the Year.



Karen has since departed from Diplomat Records, venturing off to head her own company, Civil Service Marketing, (A branding and marketing company for rising hip-hop stars). Currently she is heading the marketing and branding efforts for Max B’s latest project. She also is the creator/editor-in-chief, of the vastly popular one-stop hip-hop entertainment blog, KarenCivil.com. As this determined young woman grows, her hunger and passion remain unchanged. “I feel like there is nothing unattainable for me. When I set my sights on something, I go after it and never give up… Nothing is impossible. That’s the code I live by”. 


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