Karen & J. ColeOnce again, I found myself in the same studio, where the Rhymefest & Curren$y interview took place, this time ‘The Introduction’ brings you Roc Nations first signee J Cole. I heard about Mr. Jermaine Cole from BDot at RapRadar a few months back, he went on and on about how he was the next big thing. I did some research on J, and was able to find a few things aboout him, via nahright. After listening to “Grown Simba,” I was hooked!  J Cole & I discuss his deal, college life, music, twitter and everything in between. He also gives us a first listen to “Dollar & Dream” which will be released on his mixtape, coming out next month.  The verdict is already in on him, and he is definitely someone to look out for in 2009. If you havent realized it’s lightskin season! Make sure you check out the other inductees into ‘The Introduction


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